Electricity Bill Per Month :

Here we are going focus on overall costing of per unit utilization on monthly basis. Per Month cost can vary from state to state and provider to provider. Hence selection of providers from companies like Reliance, Tata, Sahara and BSES must be done accordingly on the basis of their cost estimation rates and services offered.

To calculate per month electricity utilization, one can refer to any online slab among the available ones. The domestic customers just have to enter the number of units that they have utilized within the duration.

The slab then returns the calculation based on the electricity rates of the state. Before submitting your bill to the supplier, it’s very important to check it online so that you can get exact calculation of the bill to be paid. While making the bill payment offline to the supplier of your area, check your meter to get the exact reading. Then make the required payment for the month and take generated receipt. Apart from checking the meter reading, another important factor that needs to be taken care of is the reduction of electricity wastage.

The utilization factors that will help you to reduce your monthly bills are:

• Make more Gas usage for performing household activities. As rate of gas are quite less as compare to electricity like use gas for boiling water rather than electric kettle. • Turning off you electricity mains while leaving the house will help you to reduce unnecessary wastage. • Use energy efficient light bulbs. As normal incandescent bulbs make more consumption of electricity, one can shift to florescent bulbs. • Each member of the house should be aware and responsible towards saving electricity. This issue needs to be discussed with family members to make them aware. Combined effort is needed for better results.

The rate per unit in every State is different which are considered under the norms of State Government. There is a certain fixed cost that is required to be paid by the consumers including per unit charge based on readings.